Software Engineer – Team Fraud

Schibsted Sverige AB
Publicerad maj 18, 2024
Upphör att gälla maj 24, 2024
Plats Stockholm, Sweden
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Software Engineer - Team Fraud
The Company

We are Blocket, Sweden’s largest and most popular marketplace. We are proud of our work to enable second-hand trade in Sweden and our contribution to a positive environmental impact.

Bilbasen, Blocket, DBA, FINN, Oikotie, Rakentaja & Tori. Did you spot any familiar names? Then you already know a bit about Schibsted Nordic Marketplaces. In January 2023 we pooled our strengths, knowledge, and resources and we are now collaborating tightly at the Nordic level.

Want to get a feel for the Blocket, or Schibsted vibe? Check us out on Instagram (Blocket, Schibsted) & LinkedIn (Blocket, Schibsted)!

The position

You will be part of the very diverse and highly specialised fraud team whose mission is to build the tools that underpin fraud prevention in all the largest marketplaces in the Nordics. We offer an inclusive and stimulating work environment where your contribution truly makes a difference! Interesting challenges will exist at every level, providing you with the opportunity to grow and develop in your role.

We are at an exciting point in transitioning to Nordic Market Places and as a developer, you'll have significant influence over the direction of our projects. We have many exciting tech tracks within the team and you will have an opportunity to deepen and hone your skills in any one of them. Including ML/AI, bleeding edge frontend, and distributed microservice architecture.

Responsibilities may include:

Craft the beating heart of our marketplaces' fraud-prevention tools—an event-driven platform.

Take the lead or join forces in advancing our cutting-edge ML tech stack.

Architect systems that scale effortlessly and adapt like a chameleon.

Elevate software quality with top-tier industry practices.

Fuel our teams with your innovative ideas to turbocharge our pace.

The Tech

Our tech stack is based on a highly distributed micro-service architecture with many decoupled services which enables our teams to make autonomous decisions about their tech choices. In the fraud team, the majority of our services are written in Java or Kotlin, but in the Nordic Market Places, we deploy services in Go, Python, C# and even a few in Haskel!.

To ensure seamless deployment and scalability, we leverage the capabilities of Google Cloud and AWS, deploying our services through Docker and Kubernetes. To facilitate efficient communication between services, we employ Kafka as an asynchronous messaging system.

Who you are

We believe you are a developer with some knowledge and understanding of ML and other emerging AI tech. You are able to independently lead the development of new features and enjoy discussing and debating code and solutions with your peers. You like sharing your knowledge and above all, you are curious and continuously strive to learn new things.

Your skills

Hands-on experience in Kotlin or Java backend development and an understanding of the Spring-Boot framework.

Experience developing distributed systems in a micro-service architecture.

A keen interest in Machine learning techniques and other emerging AI technologies.

Experience with event-driven architectures such as Kafka or Google Pub/Sub.

A collaborative attitude, team player, friendly, with passion and flexibility to learn new tools and skill sets.

Hi, I am your new manager!

My name is Alexander, and I've had the pleasure of working at Blocket in various positions for the past 5 years. From being a front-end developer to a full-stack developer and a Tech Lead, I recently transitioned into management. As a manager, I strive to embody the ideal from a developer's point of view. I strongly believe that trust, autonomy, and transparency are the keys to creating a happy and efficient developer. I am passionate about technology and love participating in the technical discussion but my ambition is to empower developers to make any and all architectural and technical decisions themselves.

I'm really excited about this new team because it will be pioneering tech that will support the whole organisation in the future. It will be a true challenge to design and build the systems that carries this responsibility and when done right, they will make an impact for many years to come!

Schibsted is a family of digital brands with a strong Nordic position, and more than 5,000 employees. Millions of people interact with our companies every day through our leading online marketplaces such as FINN, Blocket, and Oikotie; world-class media houses including Aftenposten, VG, and Aftonbladet; and smart digital services such as Lendo. We also help new promising businesses grow. Our joint mission of empowering people in their daily lives is rooted in the values of our media heritage and a legacy of bold change. At our best, we are a fearless force for change in a society built on trust and transparency.
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